healthy living: jogging & m-flo

hello all!

today i am sharing a new found passion of mine! i love to be able to have a healthy balance in my daily life and realized this summer that i wasn’t getting enough physical activity. i have tried classes in the past and loved the community of yoga as well as the atmosphere of the studio that i attended. unfortunately, i found myself not “committing” and eventually dropping out because i felt that i could simply just work out at home with a dvd.

that soon became the vicious circle of guilt and the “i simply don’t have time!” thoughts. i really loathe feeling guilty and at some point i started looking for something that could let me get some fresh air, cardio and “me time”.

jogging is something i’ve always avoided simply because i knew i wouldn’t be good at it. i tried putting on my running shoes and run a few blocks but that made me exhausted and completely discouraged at the sight of my true fitness level.

after some research, i decided to try out a running plan called couch-to-5k . the idea of slowly increasing my running time and reaching a goal of ~30 minutes of physical activity really appealed to me. i tried it out and found it to be very motivating! i am now starting my 4th week and i am very excited for the weeks to come.

jogging seems like a very solitary activity but i found the online community quite engaging. i don’t feel like i have much to share just yet but i love seeing how people connect through their experiences during marathons and other races. i recently chatted with a man on a train who told me that he started just like me and now runs for about 2 hours straight (and loves it!)..! i loved hearing what he had to say and we had a great time exchanging music for our running playlists.

so tonight i share with you my joy for jogging and my favourite song on my playlist at the moment, m-flo’s astrosexy!




tuesday treats #1

hello, hello to you!

i hope that you had a grand day!

today i wanted to share a few things that i like to pull out to treat myself in the beginning of the week.

most days i start my mornings with a hot cup of japanese tea. sometimes when i get home from a long day, i like to pull out an oolong.

the one i am enjoying at this very moment is the taiwanese tea ali shan jin xuan aka natural “milk” oolong.

i am able to get this tea at my local tea shop and i really enjoy it at this time of the year when its a little bit chilly! it is also very refreshing after a hearty meal.

although i like to drink tea in meditative and more traditional ways such as with a gaiwan , i am currently enjoying drinking out of a david’s tea perfect tea mug . i enjoy them for their convenience and i know that there are many similar options on the market (also, the fun colours and designs are always a plus!).

what do you like to do to treat yourself after a long day? and are you a tea person?

with love,


*i am not sponsored by the links posted above although they definitely have the joli lundi stamp of approval!

nice to meet you!

dear all,

how nice to meet you! my name is marie and i’m on a journey to make the best out of the everyday.

joli lundi will serve as a kind of journal which will follow my discoveries and hopefully we can share what makes today and tomorrow an even greater day! i chose the name joli lundi (french for “lovely monday”) because i thought mondays needed a little more love.

i hope to share different things that make me (as well as others around me) happy. you will surely find a collection of books, health, beauty & fashion and other bits of my everyday on this blog.

of course, please feel free to share & connect!

with love,