tuesday treats #1

hello, hello to you!

i hope that you had a grand day!

today i wanted to share a few things that i like to pull out to treat myself in the beginning of the week.

most days i start my mornings with a hot cup of japanese tea. sometimes when i get home from a long day, i like to pull out an oolong.

the one i am enjoying at this very moment is the taiwanese tea ali shan jin xuan aka natural “milk” oolong.

i am able to get this tea at my local tea shop and i really enjoy it at this time of the year when its a little bit chilly! it is also very refreshing after a hearty meal.

although i like to drink tea in meditative and more traditional ways such as with a gaiwan , i am currently enjoying drinking out of a david’s tea perfect tea mug . i enjoy them for their convenience and i know that there are many similar options on the market (also, the fun colours and designs are always a plus!).

what do you like to do to treat yourself after a long day? and are you a tea person?

with love,


*i am not sponsored by the links posted above although they definitely have the joli lundi stamp of approval!


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