healthy living: jogging & m-flo

hello all!

today i am sharing a new found passion of mine! i love to be able to have a healthy balance in my daily life and realized this summer that i wasn’t getting enough physical activity. i have tried classes in the past and loved the community of yoga as well as the atmosphere of the studio that i attended. unfortunately, i found myself not “committing” and eventually dropping out because i felt that i could simply just work out at home with a dvd.

that soon became the vicious circle of guilt and the “i simply don’t have time!” thoughts. i really loathe feeling guilty and at some point i started looking for something that could let me get some fresh air, cardio and “me time”.

jogging is something i’ve always avoided simply because i knew i wouldn’t be good at it. i tried putting on my running shoes and run a few blocks but that made me exhausted and completely discouraged at the sight of my true fitness level.

after some research, i decided to try out a running plan called couch-to-5k . the idea of slowly increasing my running time and reaching a goal of ~30 minutes of physical activity really appealed to me. i tried it out and found it to be very motivating! i am now starting my 4th week and i am very excited for the weeks to come.

jogging seems like a very solitary activity but i found the online community quite engaging. i don’t feel like i have much to share just yet but i love seeing how people connect through their experiences during marathons and other races. i recently chatted with a man on a train who told me that he started just like me and now runs for about 2 hours straight (and loves it!)..! i loved hearing what he had to say and we had a great time exchanging music for our running playlists.

so tonight i share with you my joy for jogging and my favourite song on my playlist at the moment, m-flo’s astrosexy!




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