friday beauty recommendations

hurray, it’s friday!
do you have fun plans for the weekend? i plan to have a little shopping spree with my mother and catch up on some reading i’ve been meaning to do.

today’s post features beauty products i’ve been enjoying recently. let’s start!

1. origins peace of mind, $12,00

for those who are feeling a bit stressed, congested or want to unwind on the go or right before bed. this little product is truly wonderful, it smells of eucalyptus and peppermint and upon application on tension spots (temples, ear lobes, nape of the neck), a cooling sensation instantly relaxes muscles.
i’ve been using it on special occasions but mostly when i’m feeling under the weather or when i sense a headache approaching.
also, the tiny packaging is perfect to throw in a bag or in a travel pouch!

2. aesop parsley seed cleansing masque, $39 & aveda hydrating masque, $22

these two masques used one after the other are truly skins saviours! the aesop really helps clearing congested skin and the aveda is simply hydrating. i use this combination once a week to indulge, and wake up the following morning with smooth and plumped skin! i also follow up with my moisturiser and am very generous with a face oil.
i thank caroline hirons for this combination inspiration. i highly recommend her blog for amazing skincare advice and reviews as well as her hilarious comments!

3. the tangle teaser

i got this highly popular gentle hair brush at the hair salon i go to and am not disappointed! i often feel that when seasons change my hair seems more brittle and this hairbrush is so gentle that it can be used on wet hair. i feel that my hair doesn’t fall out as much and love to be able to use it instead of a wider-toothed comb.

hope these little beauty luxuries will inspire you to unwind!

much love,


*this post is not sponsored and all items were purchased by me!


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