on bad weather.

hello everyone! happy halloween!

i wasn’t planing on writing a post like this today but i decided on a whim to talk about how bad weather affects the best of us and how i like to embrace it.

today was a rainy and cold day. i love rain when i’m indoors. there’s really something about rain & autumn that gives a cozy air. however, my perception completely changes when i feel like it burdens my daily routine.

after lunch, i realised how grumpy i felt and how that was affecting my posture and my interactions with others. this doesn’t only apply to bad weather, but i felt like something as uncontrollable as nature couldn’t justify my grumpiness.

i took a moment to focus on how i really wanted my day to be and my frustrations on carrying a sticky wet umbrella and my bangs curling up from the humidity went away. by simply taking a moment and observing the world around me, bad weather didn’t seem so bad after all. i found myself breathing better and smiling more often. it makes a world of a difference and i hope i can return to this observant and compassionate state whenever i’m feeling stressed, frustrated or sad.

how do you deal with bad days or bad weather? did you have a good halloween?




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