winter skin

good monday morning to you!!

today i wanted to share my winter skin essentials and what’s currently on my personal wishlist when it comes to skin care.

here goes!

1. drink water/tea

my new habit is to drink water as soon as i wake up. i used to drink water or tea in the morning but never realised how thirsty i was until i gulped down two glasses of water one after the other! water keeps you alert and hydrated and we should all make sure we get at least 8 glasses of it a day.

2. hydrating toner

i am a huge fan of caudalie’s beauty elixir but realised it wasn’t doing much for my skin when the temperature suddenly dropped.

my current favourite is clarins’ toning lotion with camomille. i can not express how dramatically hydrated and plumped my skin feels after using it. i’ve also noticed less breakouts after it being the only thing i changed in my routine. i use it after my exfoliating toner and before a face oil & moisturiser which brings me to…

3. face oil

i use face oils all throughout the year but add a drop or two more during the colder months. i even like to apply it in the morning, even if i’m putting makeup on. the one i am currently using is the clarins’ lotus face treatment oil. it’s a nice oil that smells wonderful and that is targeted to oily and combination skin. i have combination skin and found it to have been light enough for daytime and hydrating enough for bedtime. the essential oil blend may be too much for people with sensitive skin or eyes but the clarins counter is very generous and gave me a nicely sized sample to try beforehand.

4. moisturiser

i used up my kate somerville goat milk cream which was perfectly suited to my combination, acne prone skin. however, i am currently on the hunt for something more nourishing and am eyeing the aesop camellia nut facial hydrating cream or the primrose facial hydrating cream. both products were given to me in a gorgeous little sample routine the aesop rep gave me and i loved them both! i vaguely remember the camellia nut being more potent and extremely effective for dry patches.

so there are my current winter skin favourites! will keep you updated if i try new products as the season unfolds!

have a jolly day!



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