forgotten beauty essentials

hello all!

today’s post is about my not-so-glamorous beauty essentials, the ones that i often overlook but are honestly important steps in my routine (click on the product image for more info).

1. tweezerman: slant tweezer

oh, the tweezerman. i have this one in red (so that i always find it in the bottom of my packed makeup bag) and i can not go a few days without pulling it out. i struggle with a lot of stubborn tiny little eyebrow hairs and this slanted pair does the trick. when i first purchased it years ago, i thought the price was a little outrageous, but to be honest, it’s still going strong and it’s been at least…four years?

2. nivea: hydro care lip balm

a perfect example of something that is purely functional and unglamorous. it honestly just keeps my lips hydrated. i like this particular one because it has no smell, no tingly feeling (i’m talking to you, blistex) and doesn’t do that awkward stuff at the corner of your mouth if you apply too much (if that’s tmi, i’m sorry!).
i only have this guy around during the colder months because i reapply so often that i need something that can endure my reapplication obsession.

if you don’t like slippery lip balms, this isn’t for you. but for someone like me who reapplies every minute, then it’s something to consider since it’s not too expensive (usually comes in a pack of two that are often on sale!).

3. clinique: take the day off cleansing balm

thanks to caroline hirons for lighting the path to this product. i am still mourning the fact that i can’t get the emma hardie cleansing balm for a decent price (or decent shipping) so i opted for this functional cleansing balm. although it may not be a spa-like experience, it really does get the job done. you don’t need much, it’s not scented and it takes off my stubborn waterproof mascara.

4. eucerin: calming crème

now, i use this because i have extremely dry and eczema-prone skin. i also tend to scratch my dry patches during my sleep and can not for the life of me keep gloves on during the night. this was recommended by my dermatologist and i have ignored it for the past two years because i was longing for a nice scented body lotion. but nothing calms the itchiness quite like this body creme. it is extremely effective and does the trick. after taking a shower in the morning, i mix it with something that smells nice and i use it on its own before going to bed. if you have scaly legs like i do, this is a product worth trying.

5. the turbie twist

i bought this on a whim this summer and do not regret it. although it is not the most absorbent towel out there, what is amazing about this gimmick is that it stays put. and that’s what i want it to do! a little elastic on the back of your head allows you to keep your towel in place while you do other things. i have so much hair that i am extremely thankful to be able to run around the house with this on while my hair towel dries a little bit. otherwise blowdrying would take me about an hour!

i hope these products will inspire you to appreciate the daily essentials that are often underloved.

take care!



i know i should…

happy monday everyone!

i took a short break to sort some things but am back with observations i’ve made along the way.

my last post was on how i reduce stress in 10 steps. today’s post is getting to the root of the problem.

when i’m in a stressful situation (or difficult situation in general) i sometimes find myself trying to ignore the fact that i may not be dealing with it in the best way. there is a bunch of “i know i should…” that i am confronted with everyday and to be honest, in times like these, i don’t always have the courage to get over the fear of not getting something done.

so here goes…i know i should:

1. do things properly the first time

this applies to cleaning up, prepping for something in the future, explain something that bothers me to someone and many other things. sometimes you don’t want to deal with an outcome that you can’t control or you don’t want to deal with the task that seems too big to even begin. this is a vicious, vicious circle of procrastination and i am tired of it!

2. eat right/exercise

this is particularly obvious because i have been getting awful breakouts from the sugar i’ve been having! i have these periods where i have no problem cutting back on sugar (my favourite indulgence!) but then some little voice in my head will tell me “it’s okay to just have one….or another one…oh and it’s okay not to do that work out that you’ve been putting off! you deserve to rest!”. the thing is, that’s not resting. i always feel great after a light workout and a healthy meal and when i “rest” by doing nothing worthwhile, i find myself finding no true satisfaction whatsoever and consequently feeling stressed by what i could have done with my free time…

3. start a task right away

this is one step that i have been told since my early school years: do it now, not later. start now and get the most done. that’s incredibly true and even if you’re not able to finish something the first time around, at least you have something to build on the next time.

i will stop my “ease into things” method since it really does not help me in any way. i’ll keep that for lazy sunday mornings or a day where i’m planing to take it easy.

4. not over-think things.

do it, try and do your best. easy to say but takes a lot of practice!

whew! that’s about it! i hope that by putting all of this out there will help me even more to take the steps to prevent a lot of suffering! let me know how you prevent stress.

now i won’t tell myself “i know i should…” but rather “i will:”

lots of love,