notes on elegance #3: respect

today’s topic is broad and i would love to hear your thoughts.

respect is a priority for many people in their relationships. however, i’ve found that most of the time, i tend to forget about self-respect and self-worth as well as respect towards the environment and strangers.

self-respect, to me, is the foundation on which one is able to build sincere respect towards others. the inner dialogue is extremely important and i’ve found myself treating others just like i treat myself. most of the time, i consider myself an accomplished person but some days, i just can’t seem to be able to believe that.

i’m not quite sure who is to blame for implementing negative thoughts about my looks, my education, and my quirks, but it’s sometimes not a pretty picture. when i’m feeling like this (which, thank goodness, is not most of the time), i tend to have a short temper towards others and sometimes, even say hurtful things.

i encourage myself and others to train a positive mind. in order to do that, i try to have faith in everything. sometimes i feel like the news, documentaries and articles tend to make us discouraged and generally negative towards society. however, to be aware of a problem does not mean that it must continue to remain a problem, but rather encourages critical thinking and a drive for positive changes.

for inspiration, i’ve always been interested in what my faith as well as other faiths have to offer. philosophy is also another good source of positive critical thinking and it’s a priority for me to always feel like there’s hope.

it’s when i have faith in something that i start to feel present. and in feeling present i respect both myself, others and the environment.

by being more respectful, i’ve found myself to live in moderation. eating less, lounging less, buying less and arguing less. it’s a really hard thing to do, but i feel that it’s extremely worthwhile.

respect is of utmost importance when cultivating elegance. respect brings forth compassion and good etiquette (without studying emily post, although i find her fascinating!). respect is a will to learn and let things be.

that said, how can respect affect an elegant appearance and lifestyle?

– by respecting oneself, good hygiene, elegant deportment and style as well as a good diet is a simple affair

– by respecting others, manners and politeness comes naturally

– by respecting the environment, it is possible to minimise waste and practice gratefulness


please do share your thoughts on the subject!

wishing you all the best,




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