notes on elegance #5: smile

hello lovelies,

today’s topic is a simple but very important one. i’ve been realising lately that no matter how much effort i put into planing hair, makeup and clothes, nothing will ever beat the power of a smile. i’m not suggesting to force yourself to smile but rather to cultivate inner peace which in turn, will lead you to smile softly.

i’ve often seen people who seem elegant physically but give off a negative aura. what i wish for myself is to feel grateful, content, and at peace. seems like a lot, but i honestly believe everyone has the right to feel that way, all the time.

i personally try to watch my thinking patterns and try to cultivate positive and loving thoughts. whether it’s criticising another or myself, it doesn’t do any good. by smiling, i remind myself what a joy it is it live and what a blessing it is to feel creative and learn from other people. by smiling, i want to connect and extend warm-heartedness to others. much like how you would smile to a cute baby in a stroller who brings a light of joy in your day.

let me know how you feel about today’s fast-paced world and the difficulty to reach out to others. i’d love to know what you think!

until next time,



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