link love #1

hello, hello!

sad to have missed my monday post after a little episode of feeling under the weather but back with a jolly post today!

we all have our little corners of the internet that make our everyday just a little bit better. in this series, i’ll be sharing my favourite links of the past week. hope you’ll enjoy!

1. leo babauta of zen habits: 12 indispensable mindful living tools

this blog is one of my favourite reads. i always feel refreshed, motivated and calmed by leo babauta’s words. this post is no exception. his 12 indispensable mindful living tools can be applied to any lifestyle, any situation and any relationships. this week, i am trying to apply them as best as i can, especially “letting go of control”, “be compassionate” and “be curious”. also, i have tried to meditate in the past but haven’t been able to keep it up consistently. as per leo babauta’s recommendations, a few minutes in the morning should be enough to implement a positive change to my routine.

2. martha rose shulman: gluten-free chocolate buckwheat biscotti

the new york times’ recipes for health series has been one of my favourite recipe database online. martha rose shulman has innovative combinations but always manageable and, most importantly, delicious & healthy!

i have yet to try these biscotti but the recipe looks absolutely wonderful. i plan to try this recipe this weekend and will keep you posted on twitter!

3. vivianna does makeup: a skincare update

anna from vivianna does makeup is one of my favourite beauty blogger and youtuber to follow. her recommendations always seem to suit my tastes and needs and her recent skincare blogpost got me particularly interested in the british brand aurelia. skincare is definitely something i love to indulge in, especially if the brand has a great ethos.

4. angie stone ft. snoop dogg: i wanna thank ya

my jogging track of the week! this groovy song gets a little pep in your step instantly.

hope you enjoyed this new series! i love discovering new lifestyle blogs so if you have any recommendations, please do share!

until next time!